Is it wrong for me to tell my boyfriend no more?

So 2 years ago when I first started dating my boyfriend we made the agreement that he could occasionally have sex with girls he hadn't been with just for experience and the fact I was only his 3rd sexually, we now have a 3 month old baby and he's having sex with his ex girlfriend from before me, my feelings have changed about the open relationship since I got pregnant and in the last 3 months since our baby was born, he is kind of breaking the deal since he was with her before, do I have the right to say I don't want him having sex with her anymore?


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  • Hell Yes you have a right. You had a right to never agree to this in the first place. I hope he has been having protected sex with thother women. You have a family now and he needs to grow the Hell up and realize that. You shouldn't even have to tell him to stop, he should want to. And If this other girl has any self - respect, she'll stop it as well. Does she really like being the girl on the side? Probably not. She's hoping to get him back. Tell him NO MORE. If he really loves you and your little one, he will stop and you won't have to tell him twice. Best of luck honey.


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  • No nothing wrong with saying no more. He was lucky you let him do it in the first place. The agreement was to get some experiance prisumably hee does not.

    If he hims and haws about it say if you are not going to step up and be a man you should not have become a dad.

  • You have the right to say that.


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  • Why did you start the open relationship in the first place? You should have saw this coming. You can't delete boundaries then all of a sudden want to create them when you've changed your mind. You and your boyfriend need to have a serious talk and come to some sort or agreement because it isn't looking too good.


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