What's wrong with this girl?

I met a 22yr old girl she acts religious but is the drinking and partying type...

- We date 3 months (no sex I'm shy) eventually I kiss her and tell her how I feel and she dumps me for her Ex

- I start dating a better looking girl... 3 months later she dumps Ex and I happen to go single again and we start talking and hook up within 3 days (have sex)

- She tells me she is too young and doesn't want to be tied down but wants "no commitment fun" with me until she returns from 2 months vacations abroad

- She has a "best friend" on the side typical bad boy gangster from her posts on Facebook it's clear they are having sex and the tables are turned. SHE is the one trying to get his attention

- I flip out at her and we go a little distant and I start talking to my Ex again and it's clear that her "best friend" on the side dumped her as well so suddenly she meets a guy and 3 weeks later she is "In a Relationship" with him and claims to be in love and happy

What's up with her? She really is not relationship material and I'm single so of course I don't want to be rude now that she has a "man" should I just ignore her and back off?

Is she doing this relationship thing as a rebound because her side buddy dumped her and I started talking to my ex again?


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  • Yuck this girl has issues. Find someone that does not play games

    You deserve to be happy and find someone worth loving.

    This girl just sounds like she loves the thrill of the game she plays with men.

    Don't waste your time on her when you could be looking for

    A girl that will love you and not play with you and your heart like this.

    • Can you give me advice on how to find a decent girl? I hear a lot of people saying "don't go looking let love come to you" which in a way I believe but at same time I don't want to grow old and lonely.

      I seem to attract a lot of girls I'm a good looking guy (not bragging) I try to chat normally and ask how they are doing and it's always them wanting to initiate sex with me all they want from me is to get laid but nothing serious... I don't want that I want a good girl to settle down with ;(

    • Be yourself and remember girls are the ones these days

      Initiating the sex more than men.

      A nice girl will not initiate but will want to get to know you first,

      You will find someone, you seem decent, but be very careful

      Not to fall into the traps of girls who play these games with men.

      It's up to you if you give them sex or not and just

      Remember men have a right to say no to, if a girl likes you

      She will respect you and wait till the time is right

      For both of you to sleep together.

    • Thanks for the advice =) I wish most girls I meet had your way of thinking and were straight up about things and not playing games

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  • Yeah, no, these girls are not relationship material. @_@ Just cease contact with both girls; they aren't worth your time. You want to be with someone who doesn't have a Plan B.

  • We won't be able to figure out why she behaves like she does but it's pretty clear that you should keep away from her, too much confusion is not fun :/

  • Both girls are tramps.

    FIRST GIRL: She went back to her ex, probably hooked up with him, and now knows what she wants. SECOND GIRL: We will dedicate "Promiscuous Girl" to her as well. Where are you finding these people? They have the makings of the classic dime store hookers of the old west...

    Girls like these are the reason why men learn not to stay in committed relationships -- because there's always some tramp who is willing to cross barriers of marriage and relationship status of any sort just for "no commitment fun" sex. (Grumbling to myself a bit more about this. I won't bore you with the details of that monologue.)

    • That sucks for the guys. I keep hearing about these girls (here and real life) but haven't personally met any.

    • It's bad for the actual decent girls too, since we come off looking like fakers.

What Guys Said 5

  • With any situation you get back to, you will always come back to where you are now. Is there a possibility to push both away and find other options? There are better women out there other than those two. It's going to be extremely hard not to think about them. Try your best to move on even if you have to be single for a while.

  • She was never over the Ex. You have to recognize the immaturity in the girl before going after her. This one obviously wasn't ready.

  • Imo she doesn't know what she wants...she seems to lack direction when it comes to guys.

    The only thing she is good for is a sex partner, she's too damaged to monogamously date anyone.

    • So why did she jumped in a relationship for? do you think she is acting like she is in love to make her friends with benefits on the side as well as me jealous?

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    • Makes perfect sense... she was a lesson that opened my eyes I used to be very shy and thought girls were saints put them on a pedestal. I spended tons of cash showering her with gifts only to be with her one time is the only thing I regret sadly I still feel like I have not gotten even since she played horribly with my feelings. But oh well I guess moving on and letting her be "happy" with her new rebound relationship is the best thing I can do

    • Precisely, dude. On to the next one!

  • Sounds like you met a typical crazy-off-the-rails-on one! She's immature and has no idea what she wants! I can't believe you got lured into having sex with her...that was a BIG mistake!

    I've heard of these girls and I met my fair share of crazy with daddy issues but she's a whole level of crazy. STAY AWAY from her if you know what's best for you and if you want a REAL relationship. Yea...don't look too much into why she did it and whatnot...nothing makes sense to her when it comes to relationships.

    • Yeah bro sometimes I regret it... I guess I did it because I had an obsession of seeing if I could land her since I thought she was a good girl... On top of everything she is beyond spoiled by her rich daddy and even a trip around the world/Europe to her it means nothing. lol

  • You should just back off.

    Find another girl. She's not worth your time anymore.

    • Thanks bro seems like the smart thing to do... I just been wondering out of curiosity why the hell did she jumped so quickly into a relationship knowing she can't commit to anyone... lol

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