Is it possible he wants us back together but doesn't know how to say it?

My boyfriend and I broke up.I was in tears and then quickly got over it.I understand he broke up with me but he started showing signs like he wanted me back,calling me like he used to,coming over to my place ,stuff like I was confused and I confronted him about it.whether it was just pity he's having on me or he really wants me back.he said 'not now'.we are friends.Then he keeps calling me,I don't call him and he says stuff like why haven't I called him.blah blah.he wants me to think he's dating someone else by putting different pics of gals on his whatsapp but what he doesn't know is I know who those girls are.he feels bad anytime he hurts me and apologizes.what exactly does he want?

I told him I wanted to go outside the country for holidays and he said 'there are a lot of nice guys there for me ..n I kept saying thas not my aim but he kept repeating it.I don't get him.does he still love me or not because he made me belive he didn't hence our break this?he's bothered when I don't call him and asks why?he tells his mum he's 'dating' and his mum calls me and tells me to fight for him.he still cares about me.what's all this?he sends me msgs at dawn.HELP PLS


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  • Trust me he misses you and want to get back with you however he is doing it in a childish and wrong manner. Instead of making you feel better and admitting the fact that he misses you he is only making things worse by confusing you. I truly believe that his pride is preventing him from asking you back out, but however if he truly loves you he will push his pride aside and ask for the relationship again..

    • Wow he is confusing me as well... I don't know what else to tell you... I give him a couple of days of No contact and if he texts or calls you ignore him... he needs to get his emotions in check and you need time to get your mind right

  • Wow... I said dose exact words to my ex... It means he is scared to lose you and he feels that you no longer care or love him because you don't call or text... Apparently he stills loves you and probably wants you to make the 1st move because he is scared that you may reject him or tell him that you have moved on... I think you should just call him and tell him how he truly feels about you and you need to be honest with him by saying you want to continue the relationship or just leave it broken as it is now.. But I do know that he still loves you because he wouldn't keep texting you or have his mother trying to repair the relationship, however this needs to be taken care of quickly before one of you gets emotionally drained and confused.

    • I get you .but here is the case I asked him about it one time and he said NOT Now,then he hugs what's up with him telling his mum,he's dating but she tells me to fight for him?what's his deal?you end it because yu said you don't love me no more and you give all these mixed afraid to ask him again what all this means,don't wanna feel like a fool the second time round.really need help.:(

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