How often do military guys hide the girl back home?

I just met this guy in person, and we've been talking online for a while; he was stationed on Korea, and now he's back here in the states. We met as friends because he doesn't know anyone here, and the possibility for a relationship was open on both sides.

Last night when we went out with friends, he posted on FB that we were drinking on the beach, and a girl commented "Have fun darling!" That sounds intimate, and with the prospect of dating him, I checked out her page.

She's got up a ton of pix of them together from last year, even though he's been in Korea for the past 2, and all his family and friends back home left comments about the "cute couple".

Her status says "in a relationship", but it's greyed over, which means that her boyfriend doesn't have an account, or they didn't approve the relationship connection to their account, or they removed it. So maybe they hooked up during leave and he told her they were together to get some?

That looks to me like yet another military guy hiding the girlfriend back home who can't catch him cheating. Yes, I'm a bit jaded on the subject because this happens to me and other friends too often.


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  • American women don't know the value of a Military man, since only 1% of Americans are in the military, you can't really generalize "the military man".

    But from my experience, I was in the military for a few (didn't exactly serve my full 8 years), I can tell you that women overseas will throw themselves at you.

    For the military men, especially Marines in Okinawa, Japan; they know that there are HOARDS of women waiting at the gate every payday weekend!

    So the real question should be is, how many women he has, lined up. Probably a dozen.


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