What is he waiting for?

I guy I work with likes me, but he still lives with his psycho ex girlfriend, and he doesn't know when he can move out or where to yet. He wants to move out and then start something with me, but I don't think he's making a huge effort to do what ever it takes for him to move out of there. And he won't talk to me outside of work or email or call or text me--he said that is because she would find out and have a bitch fit and might kick him out.

So any ideas or thoughts about this?

I'm seriously having doubts that this guy and I would work out, if this is the way it is...and will be for God knows how long.
A guy I work with, not I guy I work with.

Oops. : p
I do have doubts. I want to tell him that when I have a chance to. I may have said things to him I shouldn't have. I am angry at myself for that. He did say some things to me about my religion that bothered me, and I nearly told him to get out of my car. I do feel that I don't want to wait and be patient anymore. He might hate me for feeling that way, but all well. Tough. He can deal with it how he wants to.Thanks guys.


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  • Well I'd only wait so long and that amount of time would depend on how much effort he really is putting into moving out.

    Just my two cents but it sounds like a mess I wouldn't touch with a 100000ft pole. Ex in the picture that is a constant in his life AND he's a coworker so if it doesn't work out things can be weird at work.

    Also I'd be sure they have been apart long enough that I'm not a rebound for him. I'm amusing it hasn't been that long since they still live together but what do I know lol.


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  • He's just waiting to move out.

    Don't mind his business.


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  • " likes me, but he still lives with his psycho ex girlfriend,"

    RUN. My friend dealt with this exactly. He blamed everything on the "ex," when really he wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

    You don't need an ambivalent guy. You don't need baggage. You don't need lies. RUN.

    • If he disrespected your religion (unless it's one where you actively hate on a group of people, which I highly doubt), that's not okay. He's not sounding like a good guy. If things are this hard in the beginning, how will you ever have a chance in the future?

  • Let him crush on you while you date other guys.you shouldn't be waiting around on him because of his situation.for all you know he's probably lying and just trying to cheat


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