My ex's mom still makes plans, tells me not to worry about her son

i was involved with her chuch while I dated her son. he and I went to a different church together but would still help at her church sometimes. she loves me. she thinks we will get back together. she is always asking me if I straightened him out yet. for a while I would decline invites to help with the church. even though I knew he wouldn't be there, everyone knows everyone, and I didn't want him to hear about me still doing stuff with her. I don't want him to think I'm the ex girlfriend that can't let go. we were together 2 years so I can't just stop talking to people I've met along the way. I do still hope we can make things work, so I'm trying to balance keeping in touch with keeping my distance. I've told her this, but she says that she doesn't care what her son thinks and I shouldn't either. I shouldn't let him stop me from seeing our mutual friends. is she right? or is she not letting go like she should. I do want to still be her friend but I'm not sure if its the right thing to do.


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  • She's right.

    Those are wise words actually.


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