guys only do you fb your ex's cousin when you and your ex have been broke up for 4 years?

Me and my ex broke up my freshmen year.. we remained friends, and we kissed once after breaking up about two or three years ago.. well... I have a boyfriend now, eight months, happy-ish. All relationships have their problems..

Once I went to my cousins and my ex came up as a topic...well she said, "That reminds me! He asked me about you.."

and she showed me a full recent conversation about me, asking how I was doing, asking her to look out for me and keep me safe...

I hadn't spoke to him in months.. and I deleted him off my FB not long after I got my boyfriend, I thought it was best to keep my exs off my page..

Why would he check in on me through my family like that? He dumped me four years ago..I was devastated. I cried a lot for months and school was hell for me all freshmen year.. we became friends after that.. but why check up on someone you never had sex with, who deleted you and broke off all contact? Does he still have feelings for me or is he still playing the role of a friend?


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  • Now that you have moved on, he likes you. As soon as my ex left me, I confirmed everyone of her family members who wanted to be my friends on FB. I would assume he still cares, and would go as far to say that he wants you back. I check my ex's FB all the time.

    • Did it take that long to realize? Or is it just some weird guy thing of wanting something you can't have..? Haha...knowing that's a weird girl thing as well... :)

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  • He's just checking on you.

    It must be that he really missed you as well.

    • So you think it's just friendly? I don't want anything more.. I'm madly happy with the guy I'm with.. it's just nerve shaking because he was the first and only guy to break up with me (I did the breaking up otherwise..) and he just kind of is always there no matter how much I try to mark him out with sharpie. :/

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