How to flirt with an ex boyfriend?

So my ex broke up with me a month and a half ago because he wasn't emotionally mature enough for a serious relationship but still likes me alot. The last month of our relationship was pretty rough because he was going through a lot of stress with the musical he was in and we didn't have time to hang out so we barely talked to each other that month, then he wanted to take a break saying he didn't know if he wanted to be in any relationship because he messed up all of his past relationships and wasn't mature enough yet, then he broke up with me saying that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. After avoiding me for a few weeks and hooking up with a few girls over spring break he started initiating contact with me little by little each day and would flirt with me and be touchy with me. He would come up to me and ask how I was or what I'm thinking about. I would give him simple responses like good or nothing but he doesn't seem satisfied by those answers. I want to become friends with him again as a way of restarting our relationship but I also don't want to be strung along. How do you know if your being strung along or if he just wants to start off as friends and take things slowly? And how do I talk and respond to him and flirt?


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  • It seems that he just want to be friends for now, though his intentions are unclear.

    You should just wait and see how he will move and respond to that.


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