Are girls coming back?

I was the first love of a girl... and I gave her everything that's for a fact

but she broke up with me and said she loves me as a friend

when she dumped me I know she took her friend and got in the WC to cry... (I just learned that ) I think she still feels something for me... do you think she can come back? But even if she come back , should I take her back? I an't sure yet :/ we have been together for 24 days , ahm please answer guys and girls that have experienced such things like these ahm oh and thanks huh :)


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  • Hey man this might be a good thing. It's better to leave if you guys aren't compatible than wait around and then emotions form. The heartache will be much worse trust me. I learn something from my last relationship. I knew from the beginning that we were 2 different people. I told her that and she cried. I felted bad and comforted her. Well we ended up being together for 6 months. It was a great experience. I for once felted that I love someone. I could tell that she love me too. However, the relationship ended, and I'm still trying to get over her. No matter what I do such as: working out, going out with friends, talk on the phone. I end up thinking about her. Our differences finally caught up to us. I really do miss her though.


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