Ex girlfriend flirting right in front of me!!!

she and I have had a very intense relationship. she's always been a little closed off but still very passionate. she has some confidence and abandonment issues as well. a few months ago I bought her an engagement ring and didn't find the right time to give it to her. we split up but continued seeing and sleeping with each other. a few weeks ago I decided to go ahead and give her the ring and propose anyways so I wouldn't be wondering forever. after a week of her thinking about it I pressed the issue and it freaked her out. we had a fight a week later and aren't talking very well right now.

last night I ran into her at a bar with her friends. at first she was really happy to see me. then cooled a little bit to sit with her friends. I sat and drank with them for a bit and caught up with one of her friends. she got really drunk and started dancing in the bar and flirting with a couple guys. I confided in her friend how I should leave because it was making me feel jealous. she told me that it wasn't anything that I should stay that she cares so much for me and loves me. it made me crazy!

am I gullible? is she trying to make me jealous? is she trying to get a reaction? or is she just kind of a jerk?

i want to move on but I'm so in love with her and keep running into her places...please help!

pardon the bad punctuation and grammar, I'm operating on very little sleep


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  • You're "so in love" with her because you haven't met anybody else yet. Breaking up means that something wasn't right. You weren't cutting it for her. Guess what, it'll probably be the same afterward. You probably think your life sucks right now but trust me, when you find someone else, she'll vanish from your head so f***ing fast you won't even believe. The feeling you have right now is because you're only seeing her, and not all of the other opportunities out there.


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