Is he scared or no longer interested?

I have been casually dating this guy for a little over a month.He approached me and at first I wasn't really into him but after getting to know him more the attraction became mutual or at least that's what I thought. The other night after watching a movie we're cuddling and he says to me "I think you like me more than I like you." This threw me by surprise because just the other day he was saying "I don't believe that you like me." Then he's saying all this stuff about how I'm a great girl and he doesn't want to hurt me. How he would be a bad boyfriend and needs to focus on his studies and how his ex's were needy and told everyone private things about him. I'm very private about my relationships, always encourage him to study, and being a very busy person myself am understanding about time so I have no idea where that came from. I just feel like in his mind he may think that he doesn't deserve me because almost every other sentence is "you probably think I'm such a nerd" or "I'm just not that out going". Is he scared of a relationship or just not interested anymore? Should I give him space or just break things off altogether?


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  • It sounds like an "outro," but wait to see what happens.

    He may have mixed emotions about your relationship.

    When the right person comes along, there is no doubt in either's mind.

    Catherine and I first looked at each other and _knew_ that we would marry. It just had to play out..., but it did happen.


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