Keep him or move on? Should I just be happy with the level of attention he is giving me?

A guy I've really fallen for is not being straight with me about how he feels. He says enjoys our physical activities with each other and our conversations; he is polite and usually attentive when we're together, but he never really says anything that shows he's as crazy about me as I am about him. He's so open about a lot of things, but he definitely has hang-ups about addressing this, even after so many months.

Am I being unreasonable? Should I just be happy with the level of attention he is giving me?
  • Keep him. Be patient and he'll come around.
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  • Move on. He may just not want to hurt your feelings.
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  • Just ask him about it, maybe say you appreciate the attention he gives you but you're worried you might be more interested than he is? It could be that he's not as crazy about you as you are about him, or it could just be that he hasn't reached that point in your relationship just yet. It's also completely possible that he's just as crazy about you, and he just doesn't show it in the same ways - some people aren't as comfortable sharing feelings like that with people, even when they seem to be very open generally. I'd say just talk to him about how you're feeling, it might prompt him to talk about how he feels as well, good communication always helps.

    • I did try. His answer was vague, similar to your "some people aren't as comfortable sharing feelings like that with people." That's not really an answer, though, is it...

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  • I strongly dislike giving you this answer because the situation is the same as mine. But patience is the key. Its hard. When you find yourself thinking about it too much clean, or write, or exercise. All good things come in due time.

    • LMAO. That is exactly what I have been doing. Sending you a hug, sister. Thanks for cheering me up.

  • Wow I am in the same boat too.

    So how should I answer this?

    I want to move on I really really do. Deep down though I think its an interesting battle. The unknown, where will it lead too? What will happen next? The curiousity of it all fasinates me.

    So back to you, ask him straight up. I've asked my guy, and he told me. Did I like the answer, not at first but then he changed his mind. If you think he would eventually fall for you than keep after him but if not then walk out.

  • sounds like my ex..found out he was doing so much dirt behind my back...caNT HELP THAT TYPE OF PERSON AND THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED

  • I would find someone else that gives me the amount of attention I feel I deserve. You shouldn't ever really settle.

  • Try to be patient sweetie, men are a little more standoffish than woman, just take every day as it comes and enjoy your time together if you like him. He will open up sooner or later about what he wants from you. Xxxx good luck

    • Thanks. I feel so close to him and yet so awkward when I say "I missed you" and he doesn't answer, just hugs or holds my hand. I feel like I'm throwing myself at him when that happens. :(

    • Always hard sweetie but by him holding you he is not actually telling you more showing you, and you know what they say about actions speak louder than words :-)

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