Questions for the breaker-upper who wants your ex back

For those who have broken up with an ex and want or eventually want their ex back:

-Why did you break up with your significant other?

-Why do you want them back?

-Did you break up with them hoping this 'end' would improve your relationship?

-How long did it take for you to realize you wanted them back?

-How will you approach the situation to initiate reconciliation?

-If your ex approached you first, would it change your mind?

-What would change your mind?

Answer any, all or provide advice for someone who eventually wants their ex back. I want to focus on myself right now, give it a few months, then see how I feel about us then.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ok I have the perfect example for you. So I dated this girl for like three weeks and broke up with her. I did it because I was shy and knew I was going to have a hard time to open up. And I didn't want her involved in any of my problems. I broke up with her hoping she could be happy with someone and not be depressed or unhappy with me. I knew I wanted her that same day but I wanted her to go be happy. I waited about a month or so and told her I missed her and why I did it. If she approached me first I would have taken her back in a heartbeat. I wouldn't change my mind on that, I'd make the same choice and I would stop myself from leaving. Now..we've been together for almost a year. The day I talked to her she told me I was the one different guy that she fell for and didn't want to lose. And now we love each other very much, my advice to you would be if you want to break up with them do it. But DON'T do what I did and try to ignore the person so they can move on. I got lucky she didn't and still liked me. Not too sure if you'll have the same luck. Also if he really cares about you and the break is for too long this may cause his feelings to fade. Its kind of a "do it at your own risk" situation. And when you do it continue to make contact with him, don't let them slip away or tell them you have other things going on but you need time to yourself but want to continue the relationship later. If you want any other advice I be glad to help


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not fair to break up with someone and think at some point they are going to come back. If you are not interested in the relationship you should end things and hope that person is emotionally stable enough to not freak out and respect you. A lot of people break up and get back together but you learn who they really are after you break up with them. If you have the "talk" with them and they freak out and don't want to let you go they probably aren't the one for you anyway. My ex just broke up with me and I respect and like him enough to give him his space and hope for the best. If you are really scared they won't come back then don't break up with them...but breaking up with them just to concentrate on yourself in hopes that they will wait around for you is a little selfish. Break up with them and let them go then see what happens. It seems like you aren't ready for a real relationship. Just don't be surprised if they find someone else after you break up with them. good luck


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