I saw a photo of my ex and his other woman and it stung why?

I dumped him after cheating on me with her two months ago. (we were long distances)

Me and her are cool and I thought she was done with him too Because she broke up with him.

I have a new boyfriend and I'm happy with him. Sometimes thought about my ex but it was never endearing, it was more like 'i am going to go bat sh*t cray on him'.

me and her are friends on fb and I just saw her upload couple photos on her fb. It stung and it's trouble why it stung. I figured they get back together Because of her family's dynamic of staying with cheaters but seeing them happy together really stung.

I never loved my ex either and was more hurt by his cowardice then anything. So why does it sting a little?


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  • Because it brings back those bad feelings you had surrounding the breakup. Even if you did the right thing.

    • I think so too. He doesn't deserve I be happy and she deserves better but I can't change a lost cause. Plus it's not something I should even waste on.

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