How do I approch her ?

Alright so I’m in college you know trying to get my stuff together and whatever. And around these lines there a girl who got some beautiful eyes and I find her attractive. The problem is I’m a very shy Pearson yes vie been rejected many times which sucks. But on the long run I’ve had my courage but it been through Facebook so my face to face “asking the question” hasn’t been so successful to be honest. But this girl she stares at me from time to time and when I look back I have this I guess “thug” look like people have told me cause I don’t smile at all it not that I don’t want to or nothing it cause I just don’t smile as much it very hard to understand. But as she stares at me I look at her and well I just look away like a scary cat so I need some advice to speak to her like I see her talking to this one guy at our class but I know they aren’t going out. Like I want to speak to her but I don’t know how to open up or how to approach her in any way. So if anyone could give me some advice please it would be appreciated.


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  • You should just go talk to her.

    Spend time with her.

    Ask how her day's doing.


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  • The easiest thing you can do is go up to her and introduce yourself, make small talk. Then add each other on FB and chat on there more regularly if its more comfortable for you. Then just get to know each other.

    • that you having a point of view from girl is veryhelpful :) hopefully ill pseak to her today :/ if she comes :)

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  • Man up and walk up to her. Introduce yourself. She will offer her name. Ask her a question about herself. From there you can judge whether she is interested in the conversation. If she is, keep talking. If not, then tell her that it was nice to meet her and to move on. If she's in college with you, it's really easy to find out if she's in the same major as you, or ask her where she is from.

    The first time is the hardest time. But remember the saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.


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