Why would you keep contacting someone who doesn't want to talk to you?

My ex broke up with me 3 years ago- said I made the relationship feel too serious like a marriage, which I did I guess- I loved him.

We dated for 2 years in college.

we kept in touch after the break up because we still had feelings for each other but shortly after I started to feel like a fool for staying in contact with someone who broke my heart. So I told him I didn't wanna know him anymore- I was serious.

Since then he's been calling me and texting me to say "hey" or "see how I'm doing" every 7-8 months. I don't answer his calls or texts...why won't he stop? It's been 3 years! and he's never wanted the serious romantic stuff that he knows I want, so what the hell man!


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  • It seems that he just want to be with you again.

    Keep ignoring him.

    He's not worth it.


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  • Cuz he still has feelings for you or just wants to still talk or is thinking about you.

  • Girls think that men are allowed to be "just friends" with them when the woman doesn't like the man romantically, but when the man wants to be "just friends" with a woman, she says no. It's a double standard. Also, he may want to get back with you because he still has feelings and wants to talk it out. You at least owe him one good long conversation before officially saying goodbye


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  • He wants to know how you're up to and how you are. Or he probably still has feelings for you and wants you back but I would suggest you to still cut all the communications with him for less drama!


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