What do you guys feel when you receive the last letter from your ex gf?

Assume if you still have feelings to your ex girlfriend, but you don't want to go back because you feel you two don't share similarities.

If your ex girlfriend who still loves you dearly give you a letter, telling you that hoping you to come back make her feel painful...etc., and she decided to move on without any more contact...what would you feel?
share similarities in terms of personalities...always argue a lot


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  • "Assume if you still have feelings to your ex girlfriend, but you don't want to go back because you feel you two don't share similarities."

    This is a false premise. If I have feelings for her, then our dissimilarities only exist to serve as a point for the relationship to grow from. You don't end a relationship just because your partner doesn't like the same things you do. You learn from each other.

    Saying "I still have feelings for you, but we can't be together because we don't have enough in common" is just a nicety. It sounds less assholish than "I just don't want to be with you anymore".

    Seriously, think about it. Does the lack of similar interests matter to YOU? No, because that's silly.


    So if I received that sort of letter, I'd feel bad for her, and I'd pity her a bit, but that's all. I'd be okay with no contact, and hope that she finds a way to move on quickly.

    • sorry, I mean we are not compatible to each other in terms of personalities... not sharing liking the same stuff

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  • I would probably feel sad that she's moving on.

    • would you do anything to ask her back or just let her move on and let your feelings fade away with time?

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    • i feel so upset :( I wanna get my ex boyfriend back but I don't know if I should write him the letter...it is so painful to have hope that he might come back someday...

    • I know it is painful. But it appears he's pretty clear that he doesn't want a relationship with you any more. Your time is better served dealing with the grief, and moving on.

  • I wouldn't have read it. But assuming I did read it? I wouldn't feel anything about it. Into the bin it goes.

    What part of "ex" is so difficult to understand?


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  • Just to work around all of the angles here, no, writing him a letter will not make him come back to you, or miss you more. If anything, it will confirm for him that he made the right choice by leaving. You know what men crave in this world probably almost more than anything else? Peace. So the only chance you've probably got, is to ACTUALLY not contact him, let him be, let him go . . .

    • don't you think it is better to write a letter and then cut the contact forever?

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    • it was last year already... but we still went out for sometime and didn't really break the contact...

    • Last year as in a year ago or last year as in sometime in 2012? Then you dated post break up? What do you expect to accomplish out of this letter? Do you think he'll change his mind? Or change his opinion of you? Because really, no, you don't need to explain anything. It didn't work, and that is that. Sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. If you really need it for closure, write the letter and don't send it, just for you to get your thoughts out on paper.

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