I can't stop think about ex who cheated on me. can't get over her. How do I?

Basically, how the title reads. It's been four months since my ex broke up with me, then I found out she was cheating on me with her ex and a few other guys. I still have dreams about her, can't get her off of my mind, can't get over her--after all the pain and hell she put me through; she didn't even tell me sorry; she ignored my texts when I found out she cheated on me.

What do I do? I've been trying to go on dates, but it hasn't been working out. I think I won't feel in love with someone like I felt for her. Help :(
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  • You need to try to turn your sadness into anger. She betrayed your trust and acted like a skank. She took your heart and stomped on it. She also damaged your future relationships, since now you'll be less likely to trust. Your ex had no respect for you.

    You need to realize that you were taken advantage of, and learn from that mistake. Give it time, you will find someone new - but take time to heal yourself before you go out trying to date new people.

    • I looked at twitter and her fb; saw that she's a drunk now and with her ex she cheated on me with (two lowlies and scoundrels together). Made me angry beyond belief. But I feel that it made me over her, because it reminded me that I'm way better than her, and I will write a novel about the whole situation. Thanks. I needed it. Best answer on how to move on in my opinion.

    • You're welcome. I would also remove her from FB/Twitter so you don't even have to see that stuff.

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  • would you ever consider getting back with her? if you really did love her then four months is still only a short period to manage to get over someone so time will help! Don't force yourself to find someone new, it will happen, but if you put to much pressure on yourself then you'll get stressed out and believe that it won't happen.

    • i would have an hour ago, but then I realized who she is, and she's someone I don't like. I found my way to get over her tonight :)

    • Gooood!:)

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  • You gotta go out and enjoy being single. Get laid, go out to bars or parties and enjoy not texting her the whole time

    Use it as an opportunity to enjoy yourself more. She'll be missing out


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