Ex girlfriend in a rebound relationship?

Well we were together for almost 3 years. she dumped me 3 months ago and she says now she is in relationship and has been for one month. she complained that things are getting forward too fast with this new guy but she enjoys his company and likes him very much. she still texts and calls me every day and she told me that she really likes me and there isnt't anyone who could replace me. she also told me that I am the only one who she talks and texts so much. every time she isn't with this new guy, she texts or calls me. she also recalls the good old times we had and laughs so much when she calls. she seems to be enjoying our calls and she said she could never feel that same crazy love that se had with me again.. but still she just wants to remain "friends" and she wants to look how things will go with this new guy. I mean she jumped to this new relationship just after two months after our break up and she still keeps in touch with me every day, encourages me and reminisces the good old times we had. is this a sign that she is in rebound and are there any chances she wants me back? she's also asking that do I have any new girls now and always she says how nice and funny it's talk with me and there aren't no one who could understand OUR things...

rebound or not? I would love to take her back but in the other hand I just don't care anymore, but I wanna keep the communication open and let it flow and see where it takes us..

she also mentioned that she is NOT in love with this guy, she really likes him a lot, she wants to look how things go but she complained that everything has happened so fast cause she just met this guy one month ago.. why the hell does she tell me all this? and asks about my dating and then she brings back the good memories again...


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  • She's mean, to first jump in with this guy, and just make you feel like your there for her pleasure, don't let her do that to you. You should not talk to her so much, maybe once a week, to check in, then let her fuss. Have you had any women since her? Let her beg, if she feels up for it.

    • tell her..don't come around here no more, whatever your looking for, seriously, you talk to her that much, when she's banging that other guy?

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  • You should ignore her for a short while, it will drive her crazy! There is no question, she totally wants you, and he is nothing but a rebound. Being friends right after the break up is never a good option.. If you want to test her out, ignore her for a while.. she can't two guys, so let her choose.. If you ignore her she will probably realize how badly she wants you back.

    • yes.. she said that I am the only one that she can talk about anything and that she isn't feeling so crazy love for this new guy than she felt for me for long time. what do you think, how long should I ignore her?

  • shes keeping you on the back burner in case this other guy doesn't cut it for her,why would you want her back after this,so she can do it again,shes clearly confused .


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  • She has the other guy for sex & keeps you around for emotional support.

    You are being USED! You would actually consider getting back with someone like that?


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