Can I trust my boyfriend?

Hi there!

I have some doubts about my boyfriend. We're together for 4 months now, and very happy. He and his family treat me really well, he is always showing me that he cares about be and even makes plans of getting married, having children, and so on.

But the problem is that I'm not sure if I can trust him! I found out that when he was single he was a party animal and had sex with tons of whores. He even cheated a girlfriend when he was younger!

When I confronted him, he was upset but said that he already did everything he could do when he was young, now he is a grown up men and wants to settle down and never do any of those things again, and that he could never be able to hurt my feelings.

Can I really trust him? How can I be sure that if we argue he won't go out and cheat on me?


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  • During you're relationship and dating period, did he ever give you the impression he should not be trusted? If he gave off a vibe of not being trustworthy or something, I would understand your doubts, I understand them now as well. But people mature, even the biggest player/party animal sometimes wants to settle down and that's what happened to him. He found a good girl he's serious about, is done with partying and "whores", ...

    Does he still go to parties without you? Does he drink a lot if he goes out? Does he hide his phone for you in case you wanna check him? ...

    I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt. It's not "once a cheater always a cheater", it depends on his attitude towards the relationship, it depends on the relationship itself, on his girlfriend, on the situation,... People change, they mature and grow up.


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  • If you don't trust him in your gut, I highly doubt he can do or say anything that will change your mind.

    If you don't feel like he's a man that will be faithful to you or be a team/family man then you should leave him.


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