Is one month enough to get over a break up, and fall in love again?


Is one month enough to get over a break up? There is a guy I know for a month and a half. He had huge interest in me from day one. But he had a girlfriend then. Then SHE broke up with him a week later I met him, and he had been single since then. Now, this guy is so into me, making plans to spend time together, tells me he can't wait to see me, and so on. So do you think he can be sincere in his feelings for me?


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  • It's possible. If you choose to do it then make sure he continues to show an interest, if he dips his interest then you are a rebound to him. Just be aware that he may be looking for any girl right now so just keep attention and notice how much he tries. In the end you should be happy and if your not then just remember it wasn't meant to be

    • true.. So what do you suggest? go for it?

    • I'd say follow your heart and if that means you really want to go for it then do it. You deserve to be happy never forget that and always just be aware of how hard he tries. So yes go for it if you want to just always keep in mind his effort

What Girls Said 1

  • A little soon, very possible you might be the rebound. I'd be cautious :)


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