How to get his attention again

We split for a few months and now back together but he is always either playing a game on phone or watching tv. Or doing things with his guy friends. We used to do a lot together or id go w him and his friends. How do I make him want to be around me more and give me more attention without nagging. Or get his attention ? He used to always be on his toes but I feel like he knows he has me


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  • Simply spend more time with him.


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  • Basically, he's very comfortable in the space you are giving him. So, make him uncomfortable. Give him MORE space than he is asking for. By this I mean, don't always be around, don't always be available to hang out, let him call you, let him make the plans, etc. . . . If he wants to be with you, he will naturally 'move closer' to you, to try and fill the void you made by giving him too much space for him to be comfortable. Might sound funny, but I promise if he's into you, it'll get his attention. Also, don't excpect to see results RIGHT AWAY. Right away he'll probably think, sweet, she IS just goign to let me do whatever I want. Theeen, it'll start wearing on him, he'll miss you and he'll crave that time with you again. Once again, this only works IF he is still romantically interested in you. Good luck!

    • We live together and engaged so how could I use this?

    • So he does know that he has you . . . yes, it still works. I'm engaged too so I can relate to your situation, although we currently don't live together, we have for the majority of our relationship. If you are engaged then he should REALLY feel your absence. Start doing stuff with friends more, get out of the house, quit doing something you normally do for him, laundry for example. It's hard to make someone miss you when you live together, but it is possible, just be creative.

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