Does he like me or am I just another friend?

There is a coworker if mine that I am interested in. We've been working together for almost a year now. He is the type of guy that has practically all female friends. He was teased a lot in school, and accused of being gay (skinny body, long hair, etc). He is in no way a player at all. We have been taking painting classes together at our place of work, and at one class he mentioned that I should apply to work for the state with him. He said he still wants to work together. After that class we were talking in the parking lot and he mentioned wanting to take a summer class together at our community college.

I took all of this as a good sign.

The next day I texted him asking what he was doing. He sent a longer than normal text about all the types of homework he has to do followed by asking what I was doing. I replied saying that when he is not doing hw that we should hangout sometime, and he agreed.

It took him a month and I had practically given up before he asked me randomly one day to go to the art museum with him. I was shocked and we went that day. It was a project that he had to do for his art class, but still was nice for him to invite me. I playfully flirted a little bit : tickling, laughing, light teasing, etc but he didn't do much flirting himself. Just acted like a normal friend. On the car ride home we were stuck in traffic, so we had time to talk. I honestly can't remember the convo, but I do recall smiling and biting my bottom lip and him looking at my lips.

The reason I can't tell if he likes me more than a friend or not is because: he never casually texts me first. It is only when we had undefined plans established in person and he tells me (in person) that he will text me if he can hangout or not. I always texts first when it comes to random texting, but he always replies back to me initially.

He always looks me in the eye when talking, but I have noticed him starting to glance down at my breasts more often. Especially when I'm in street clothes, not uniform. Have no clue if that's a good or bad thing considering that usually means (I like your boobs not your mind).

Couple more things: He always returns what he borrows (hair tie/ money for water) and he always replies saying: I have been holding this all week and I keep forgetting to give it to you.

Also he has kept mentioning the working together at another place like 3 times. He tells me the places he's applying and tells me to apply too. Today he told me that he could email me job openings for the state because his parents are in the state and would know when a job opens up.

What do you guys think, friend, or more than a friend to him? Considering all his friends a female...

Why would he want to continue to work together so badly if he didn't like me? Then again why doesn't he ever text me first or flirt at all?

I know I think too much, but I would seriously like honest opinions and advice on how I can get things moving from this stagnant pool of nothingness.
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  • It's really considered more than a friend.

    Well, let him flirt with you more.

    Try to encourage him to take you out.

    • Thank you I really appreciate someone finally answering! How exactly would I go about doing that? I try to send all the right signals, but the guys just does not seem to flirt! I have gotten really close in proximity to him to see if he was receptive and we were touching hips side to side. He didn't back away at all (:

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