Feelings Drowning Into Depression

I am having the worse time. I worked with a guy for a few months probably like 7, I can't recall. We instantly hit it off, best friends for the time working there, we didn't go to school together and did not know each other before work, but we always worked the same shift and always texted when we weren't at work. He asked me one time if I saw us ever being more than friends and I told him I did not know at the time :/. After that all went down hill, he stopped working there and we stopped being friends. Now, several years later I told him on Facebook that back then I realized I really had strong feelings for him and he didn't reply. It's been a while since me and him have talked so I'm thinking he may be shocked because I never said anything or maybe he doesn't care anymore. The problem is I care so much its unreal. I can't stand to talk to another guy and I won't let any guy hit on me or call me "baby" or "hun" I just find it so annoying and its because I like this other guy so much its just crazy. I don't know what to do to get over him it's so hard with the amazing connection I had with him. So, what? I guess it would be safe to say that if it was meant to be he will come back right? He's single so yeah. But I don't know I'm so down and out with out him and I don't like anyone else hitting on me and don't want to talk to any other guys which really makes me feel like he is the one for me :/. I need help on getting out of this funk or some insight

Thanks guys


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  • It seems that he lost interest in you.

    Even though it's hard, please move on. You're wasting time on him.


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