Will he treat her better?

so my boyfriend I was with used to talked about marriage in the beginning and would tell me he loved me. after we were together for about 8 months he was acting very strange towards me very distant, didn't want ot talk about marriage, didn't want to hold my hand or even give me a hug but yet he'd still sleep with me. all his friends said I could do better than him while we were dating but I liked him so I didn't care. Near the end I got fed up with his behavior and I told him how I felt . He ended up breaking up with me and telling me he still loves me its just too hard for him and he doesn't see a future with me. he told me he wasn't breaking up with me to find someone new because he was so hurt breaking up with me. But sure enough he's now seeing someone. they started about 2 weeks after we broke up. will he treat her differently?


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  • It seems like he found someone earlier in the relationship and decided to wait a while to see if your worth it. He may have found the other person more interesting or some other quality. But after two weeks and he's seeing someone then it was planned. No, he will not treat her differently. He is confused and not ready to take part in a real relationship. I understand this because this has happened to me too. However, I gave it 6 years to mature. Got nothing out of it accept stress and pain. Move on and you will see how different you really feel.


What Girls Said 1

  • he probably started during the time you too were together that's why he became less intimate and more distant..thats the behavior of someone who is checking out,been through it myself,thats the pattern

    • he will not treat anyone any better..these ass clowns are all about themselves..wish the other girl luck,he will do her the same way..they use women as crutches to go from one to the next

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