Ex girlfriend is driving me crazy.....

We dated for two years. Broke up and I moved for 5 months.

I decided to drive back, I missed home.. Also missed her..

I have been back for a few weeks and we text.. Everyday, but

we have not seen each other. I hear from a friend she has a new job.

She got it right after I left. She has not said one word about it to me. And we text alot. So I asked her if she had quit her old job. I seen a posting in the paper. She said she doesn't know anything about it. Weird... Is this a red flag? Or what... We bolth want to get back together, she told me in a year or so and we have been texting since...


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  • It's a red flag if you both live in the same city/town and you haven't got together and just sit around and text.


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