What's a good way to break the ice and show interest in a girl you just met?

I'm talking about random girls I run into throughout my day. Like for example I was at cicis the other night and the girl ringing me up at the register was fairly cute. So what are some things I could do to show her I'm interested? Just start with a compliment? Then what? I always notice girls throughout the day but I never seem to be able to approach them cause it's hard for me to show them I'm interested and would like to get them on a date.


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  • If it's your first time in the place, you say Hi and ask if it's her first time there as well. It's not the same as "Do you come here often?" and shows that you're not in the habit of being in that place. A guy used that on me once when we were in the middle of this really horrible club. We'd each come with friends who loved the place, but ended up sitting on the sidelines and cracking jokes all night. It was a great evening and we kept in touch for a while, though we never really got "romantic"...

    In your case, just a hi and comment about the day (rainy, remarkably sunny, etc.) at the checkout. If the line is very long, make a joke about the Nile or something to get her to smile at you. I often find that the person at the register needs to be cheered up after an aggressive customer; you raise your eyebrows and say something like, "Don't worry, every second that passes gets you closer to the end of your shift, right?" and smile. She's bound to smile too.

    It takes a little practice -- try in the mirror before going out and trying it.


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  • Use humor.


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