What is wrong with my ex's head, he's confusing me

I really do not know why he broke up with me in the first place because he acts as if nothing is different. He will throw around the line '' well we aren't exclusive anymore but'' often.

I did some things that may have driven him away I must admit: I had trust issues, I wasn't as affectionate, I would complain about the simplest things and he will give me my way. I was a hypochondriac about stds, I withhold sex for way too long lol. Yet he stayed, still fell in love with me.

But he calls and talks as if we are okay, still wants to hang out, still kisses me, still calls me his baby, still tells me I could come over to his place( we don’t engage in sex, however), still gets jealous when I say I am partying, still spoiling me with gifts. He still does everything he used to. He was a bit pissed when put up one status on Facebook saying that “It's not the goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow” he says that looks disrespectful to our relationship, what if he did that, how would I feel?

He said he was moving away and we were missing something he is in love with me and doesn't want to hurt me. I am moving on. I still wanna be friends with him, what other guy would have tolerated my sh*t. This break up showed me what a b!tch I was and that I don't know a good thing and I have changed.

But now I am confused, since I love him should I let him go, should we be friends or should we try again.

He keeps saying time will determine our fate. What should I do? Am I being used or are we just two crazy people?

that guy is a piss of sh*t link this is what he did


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  • I'm not really sure,but if you feel like things would be different if you tried again...then tell him so and see what happens.Everyone makes mistakes.Otherwise,move on.There seems to be a lot of confusion on both ends.Maybe its best to leave it alone...

    • I think so too, but he won't let me he is at my work dropping lunch smh

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    • Thanks for ba...good luck.

    • your welcome

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  • hahahaha Just two crazy people born for each other by the sounds of it, sometimes love is a tussle, I am wondering if he really knows how much you love him, he sounds as though he is totally devoted to you and has been quietly loving you but maybe its time for you to fight for him it's never to late. what would it mean to you to not have him in your life? your answer to that question will help guide you.

  • What's "wrong"with him is he wanted to bang other chicks. That line about not being exclusive anymore is pretty clear.

    A lot of young guys go through this. There's an intense desire to experience a bunch of women. It's testosterone driven and it's something many of them have to get past before they can really settle in a long term relationship. A lot of guys lose girls they might have considered "the one" but it's still something they have to do. He actually made a mature decision when he decided to break up instead of cheating on you or staying in a relationship for years with those feelings and ending up miserable.

    Let him do his thing, and you do yours. If you're both still interested when he has this desire out of his system and you're meant to be together, you will be. If not, you won't.

    • You are so right, and he is 32 not very young,he was lucky to have me I was 22yrs

  • let time do it's thing. You should get with other guys and learn more about yourself before even attempting to get back with that guy.

  • I recommend you just quit while you're ahead and literally let time do it's thing. If it happens naturally, fine, if it doesn't, fine. You just acting and reacting normally will answer your question.

  • I wouldn't let him go just yet. Since you both still love each other despite your giving him what you called, "your sh*t.. See if maybe you've both grown up more and can have a better overall relationship. You can always break up later if it doesn't work out. It might even be better than before. Time does have a way of healing and changing people's minds and the feelings they harbor. But that doesn't mean to throw a otherwise great love affair to chance, and that's what time does. People make things happen. Time heals pain. No, you're not just two crazy people. You're two people still in love that seem to deeply care of each other. Good luck!

  • Follow your heart.


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