Could my ex boyfriend think he made a mistake?

My ex boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years. He recently broke up with me again, and is now seeing someone new only one month after we broke up. We have been broken up since February. I met him 3 months out of his separation from his second wife. He has 4 kids with whom I love and they love me. I was going to be their stepmother, and they were happy about it. He has been plastering on his Facebook page that he is in a relationship. He even took her to eat at the place of our first date, and what would have been our 2 year anniversary. I tried to give him his t-shirt and glass back before, no response. Now all of a sudden, he wants them back. He is also answering my texts within a minute of me sending them. He asked me how I was doing right away, and I just ignored the question and changed the subject. He says his relationship is going real good, however, he will keep responding to my texts right away. I called him yesterday while he was at work to see if he wanted me to bring his stuff by, and he answered right away. He only did that when we were together. Could he be missing me? Could he be lying about the new relationship being really good?
Oh, and I forgot to mention, that I told him I had met someone too, but I was taking things slow. Now all of a sudden his answers are short and to the point. I did go out on a date with a nice man, but realized I was not ready yet. I don't believe in jumping from relationship to relationship. So now, I am thinking I should not have said anything about seeing someone new. Ugg!
He also did not wish me well, or say good for you, when I said I was seeing someone. You would think he would be relieved and say " good luck to you to", but he didn't.
Ok, now really don't know what to think. Sorry, forgive me, but mind going crazy now. He is texting me a lot during the week now. I know it is because she is not around. I know that he has to have made a mistake if he is missing me. I think again he jumped in too quickly. I have decided NOT to answer any of his texts anymore!


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  • ha ha trust me, he'll be back. They almost always come back. Sounds like he's regretting his decesion already. You sound like a smart good person, and I really don't think he deserves you, though :)

    • Out of the blue, text "how are you doing" are you dating? WTF? Why does he care? He is sharing memories with me, and I asked "are you killing any zombies lately" and he says "not without you"? However, he is still in relationship with new girl? I don't get it!

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    • oh, OK, your very welcome! Did you see my update?

    • yes, I've been through that before and I totally agree it is because. Believe me, this other relationship will not last, it sounds like a rebound to me, he's prob really regretting his decision now but I certainly would not take him back. Fight fire with fire.

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  • It seems that he really wants to be back with you.

    • That is what I am feeling. I am not naive in my old age, so I know just welcoming him back is not the right thing to do. However, I met him only 3 months out of his separation from a very hurtful divorce. He says he loves me because I am so good to him and his kids. I think whenever we would get really close, talking marriage etc, it scared him. I know that I deserve someone that is in an emotionally good place, and maybe he is getting there. Right now I am just trying to be his friend.

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  • No,he is not missing you or realizing he made a mistake.When someone breaks up with you the FIRST time,they CAN or WILL do it again.If he wanted to be with you,he WOULD BE WITH YOU.Just because he answers your messages quickly,it doesn't mean anything...he is still with another woman.And he is not answering your messages JUST to talk to you,but he is trying to get his possessions back from you.So I can't imagine how he is magically feeling something more for you.I know you would maybe like to think that,but I don't think so.I can't imagine why he would go so far out of his way to lie about something like this...doesn't make any sense. But I will tell you this...I think you should move on girly.I wouldn't imagine getting back with a jackel who dumped me the first time.When someone ends a relationship with you,its because they think they can do BETTER.And they would rather lose you,so they can find someone else.If I were you,I would cut my losses,and move on to someone with LESS baggage.Don't subject yourself to this.Give him back his things,and find someone else.Good luck to you.

    • I do see where you are coming from, however, he could have cared less about his t-shirt or glass before. I attempted another time recently, and all he had to do was say yes or no. It is only a t-shirt and a glass for goodness sakes. He responded, yes I would like them back, and How are you doing? We are texting back and forth, and he has been flirting until I said I met someone too. Don't you think he could have just ignored me if he didn't want to hear from me?

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    • I'm not really interested in conducting a conversation that is one sided,nor am I interested in not properly analyzing a situation.If you know in your heart that he is going to come back to you,why even post this question?Why seek peoples opinion just to tell them they are wrong?It makes NO SENSE.With that said,if you wish to speak about this further,I'm sure the guy you gave best answer to should feel inclined to respond since he is giving you the answer you wish to hear.

    • I like coming on this site and helping people if I can,I really do.I take the time and think my answers through.But I can't keep engaging back and forth or something I don't believe to be true,or having the qa try and convince me of what she thinks she already knows...then there is no point in asking the question.But good luck to you.

  • Hello

    He has moved on already hence him getting into the new relationship. You yourself admit you are not ready.

    Let him go, you are holding onto something that no longer exists between the two of you. You may want him back and to be honest the best way to know if he really wants you back is to leave him alone and get on with your life, he has to miss you to want you back. He clearly is not missing you if he is dating someone else.

    Let him go and go into no contact with him. Remember this everyday he is choosing not to be with you if a guy wants to be with you he will make sure that happens.

    Dont hang on to a dead relationship, go out and meet someone else when you are ready maybe what you need is a fresh start with someone new.

    Your comment about him wanting his stuff back maybe just that, he is trying to give you a clean break, it does not necessarily mean he wants you back just his things.

    Good Luck

    • He has been in the new relationship for almost 2 months. The first month, no contact, nor response. Now, he is. If his new girl was so great, he would not be flirting texting me all of a sudden. I know that just because people jump into a new relationship right away, they can make mistakes, and not want to admit it. The fact we are speaking again, and flirting back and forth, tells me he could possibly be regretting the decision too quickly.

  • Yes, he does miss you. He wants to make you feel jealous about his new relationship and it seems like you don't have a care in the world about his new relationship and that's killing him inside because, you're not bothered by his new girl and he finds that interesting that you're not all over him and trying to get his attention in any way. The relationship with the other girl could be good but, that doesn't mean he still doesn't have feelings for you because, he moved on very fast to make his feelings for you go away but obviously it didn't that much.


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