Are we starting something here?

In December, this guy and I were at an open house for a mutual friend who was home on military leave. We were talking to each other more than anyone else. I didn't think anything of it, but we decided that we'd try and go shoot before he left for Afghanistan. We didn't end up making it, but might try when he gets home. Anyway... he sent me a random message on Facebook a couple weeks ago just saying hi. I got his address so I could send him something.

His mom was at my sister-in-law's baby shower and she was dropping hints like maybe she thought we'd be good together or something and she took a picture of me & my SIL to send to him.

I sent a card to him a couple weeks ago and he sent me something Tuesday and told me he sent me something back, and we ended up chatting on Facebook for 2 hours. Through the conversation he said he'd like to take me to dinner when he gets home. I thought that might be the only time we talked, but Wednesday night he sent me something just to check in and see how my day was after he got off work.

Now, I'm not good with the whole guy thing and figuring out if one likes me and I've been wrong, so help a girl out. :)


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  • Good signs.

    You're really starting something.


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