Spends more time with the ex girlfriend then me

My boyfriend and me have been together 3 months so far but lately I have noticed he is spending more time with his ex girlfriend then me! when ever I come over she's either there or on her way over! it seems like she's there every night too since he always asks her "who came round the other night" when he is telling me something! now I she has a boyfriend who she has been with for a while and I know my boyfriend and her are best friends I have no issues with that! but its starting to make me feel horrible about myself like I'm not good enough and then I'm in competition with her! Is there any chance he's cheating on me with her? or am I over reacting? and how can I ask him to see her less without it sounding so awful?


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  • You have every right to be suspicious and upset. Friends or not, guys and girls should NOT be seeing their exes more than their BF/GF. I'd be suspicious if my girlfriend was hanging out with her ex a lot more than me. Talk to him and tell him this bothers you. Ask him that you'd wish he wouldn't spend so much time with her. If he's a good boyfriend, he'll respect that. If he overreacts and says that their friends, he can hang out with whoever he wants to, etc. it might be time to move on. Good luck.


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  • You should talk this out with him.

    There might something that they are doing behind your back.


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  • Agreed with jmowen. If you have to compete with another female friend, then that bs isn't cool. Talk to him about it. If he's a d*** about it, you should consider moving on.

    You can be the most chill girlfriend in the world and okay with female friends, but when you you have to start to battle with them for quality relationship time, that's a huge problem.


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