Trying to make changes!

Well I message my ex a few days ago bout my suspicions with this chic on fb and he ph me and cleared it up. He has no new girlfriend. I then apologized and sent 2 long msges saying I wnt to move on now and no more contact. I apologized for my immaturity and acting like a cray cray bitch. Then he writes back I've heard it all before you have ruined my holiday and abused me. I left it at that and no more fb stalking or messages we bn broken up for 5 months now and this has bn hell for me. I can see I'm obsessing over someone I love but can't have now. Thanks for all the feed back I needed the wake up call!


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  • Well, you should just stop stalking your ex.

    Find another guy instead.


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  • It won't be easy moving on.

    Try listening to Clarity by Zedd (Why does our love hurt us, but also our love cures us & makes us happy?)<-meaning of song

    Its good that you apologized as long as you meant your apology.

    When you really love someone it'll be hard seeing them with someone else when you feel that that new person in their life is taking your spot.

    When someone loves you as much as you love them they'll come back to you without you forcing things. If he doesn't than maybe you guys are better off as friends. Use this time to talk to other guys after all he is not the only guy out there. yeah no one will be him but use this experience as a lesson to learn from. he was a chapter from your life and now its time to move to the next chapter. You can prove to him that you've learned from your mistakes.


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