Need a female perspective on ex girlfriend behavior.

GF ended a 5+ year relationship one 1/2 months ago. She's had a new boyfriend for a month. I've discussed it with her and I know about him and seen him. He of course also knows about me as well. We only started NC 7 days ago because of exchanging property issues. The last time I retrieved property, she initiated contact by coming and talking to me. I really didn't want any contact. Today I was in the area where she lives working and she drove up to her home with her boyfriend. They left the doors open but stayed in the car and wouldn't come out. They both saw I was outside across the street. I purposely left for a minute and came back and they had dashed into the house without her even going to the mailbox, which is her normal routine. I found it an odd response to not just come out of the car and go inside like a normal couple would. Any ideas why she would have that kind of reaction?

Understand she knows I was working and wasn't stalking her/them. I've made no attempts to contact her. She knows if this relationship didn't work out, I would only be up for a friendship and nothing romantic with her.

Yes, I'm over-thinking it, but I need a female perspective on her odd behavior.


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  • There are a few reasons to explain her reaction considering what you've typed.

    It could be that someone is feeding some nonsense in her head that you've become a stalker. Maybe she's immature about seeing you when she's with this new guy. 5 years is a long time. Anyone would feel like it's wrong or weird being with someone else when the one you were so intimate with for so long is in sight.

    I believe you should ignore it; shrug it off. If she or the new guy has something to say about it, they will. As long as you aren't doing anything wrong, not standing around "looking" stalker-ish. Also, if you were to react to this or question it, the guy or her can easily put it out of proportion and blow up on you. Leave it be.

    • Thanks for the input.


      She knows I have no reason to "stalk" her. She wouldn't even question it. So I don't believe she would think that's a motive. There's probably more into me questioning it, than there is in her actions or lack thereof.

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  • Try to think positive, maybe she was just trying to be nice and not rub it in your face. Its one thing to know she's in another relationship, its another to see it. Perhaps she was trying to spare your feelings

    • @BoredinNY

      I guess she could have done it out of respect for me. But, I've seen them together before and she knows that. Only difference is that it was a situation where I saw them, but she didn't see me. I told her when I saw him, it didn't bother me. He was just some guy. She also knows I wouldn't have even acknowledged them. So, I find it strange she doesn't continue on with her life as she normally would. It's part of her moving on from me.

    • Well then maybe it bothers her. Just because she ended the relationship doesn't mean she is totally over her feelings for you. It may have felt weird to her to have you see them together

  • Do you know who the new guy is is it someone she would be trying to hide from you?

    • I know they are co-workers. I don't know him personally, but, know of him since I've asked her questions about him since she started her job. I've already seen them together and it's no one I know, so she has no reason to make it a secret or hide it from me.

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