Should I make another move after what she is telling me?

Alright, this is kind of a long story but I'll try not to drag it out too much. About a year and half ago, after a serious breakup, I met this girl through a friend group. We clicked together from the first moment, and needless to say, I started developing a crush for her. She had a boyfriend though and I was working through some issues, so I couldn't make a move yet. We did speak a lot and have fun together.

Finally, she broke up about 6 months ago, and I decided to take the plunge and tell her how I felt. I knew she had only positive feelings for me, and other friends hinted that it was mutual. The thing is, she told me that she liked that we were friends and having fun, and she also told me that 'I should have told her earlier'; what that means is that either she had the feelings and lost them, or that at least we could stop becoming close early on. God knows.

Anyway, I acted really cool and we still talk and hang out. The thing is, some events in my life helped me change for the better. I'm no longer the shy guy I was back then and I'm not afraid to be myself, and subsequently I changed the way I interact with her. We now have more open conversations, thus more fun. It seems more like a 'flirtationship'. I want her to know that I do find her attractive, but at the same time I think she knows I'm not her puppy or anything. But let me share an event that happened today.

She uploaded a picture that I really liked. I don't like commenting under girls' pictures, so I just opened her chat window and told her straight on that her pic was great. After thanking me, we re-opened a 'topic' we had about handcuffs in the bedroom and stuff like that. I'll note here that this girl always says that I'm sweet and romantic. Today, she told me that she likes sweet but she also likes the bad boy every now and then. Three days ago we were out and she told me something similar: that romantic is nice, but she also needs some bad-boy behavior. At one point in todays conversation, she teased me on an inside joke about me being gay (no, she knows I'm not; I repeat it's an inside joke too long to explain) telling me 'there never was a confirmation so she can't be sure about anything!'

Guys and girls, there's a point here. She rejected me once, asked me to stay friends, but she also does things that she definitely knows turn me on. So, I was thinking of finally growing a pair and just kissing her. Last time we met, I was telling her that I like pigtails in girls. Guess what she did after I told her! It seems as if she is inviting me for something. Do you think I'm entitled to try again since she isn't keeping any distance herself?


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  • You should try again.


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  • Try again.

    On the topic of "sweet is great, but sometimes bad-boy is awesome" I have something to tell you. A friend and I usually say that a guy is only interesting if you can totally imagine that he would be capable of pinning you against a wall. I only start that topic of conversation with a guy if I want to tease him and see if he'll take things further...

  • Absolutely. If I acted that way with a guy, it would be because I liked him. And if she did that with her hair after you saying that..oh yeah. Go for it.


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  • She is trying to keep you in her back pocket while she plays the field.

    Don't let her have her cake and eat it too.

    You are not a second option or a backup boyfriend.

    Find someone who treats you like option one.

    Don't reward this girl for playing games. Period. You are better than that.

    Save yourself a lot of trouble and move on.

    While you pine over this girl you pass up literally hundreds of girls.

    • You do have a strong point, and I totally agree. Fear not, she is not my number one option. She was when I first met her, but now I just want to have fun with her, be it sexual fun or just going out.

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