I hinted about living together. Do you think my boyfriend got it?

Last night he slept over. He hadn't slept over since many months because it's inconvenient with my roommate (brother). I haven't slept over at his place for months either and when I do, we sleep in separate beds because he has a single bed. He currently lives with his parents and younger sibblings.

So last night was the first time in months since we had the chance to be noisy in bed, to have pillow talk, to cuddle in the morning, to eat breakfast together, etc. I'm very fond of that. I wish we had that more often like most couples do. I told him I wish we'd get to cuddle at night and in the morning more often. So I hinted here and there.

And last night, he asked me if my brother would still continue living with me (he just graduated). I don't know if I should take it as a hint that he'd like to move in with me. Maybe I'm moving too fast. He's 23, starting his master's degree and has always lived at home. Of course I'm scared of moving in together and I don't know when the right time will be, but I also know that our relationship is like 2 years old and I'm sick of rare sleepovers and only seeing each other a few hours per week. To me, it's sparse companionship :(


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  • ...and people wonder why there is lack of communications in relationships.

    Stop hinting and say what you mean.

    • Lack of commuication? Nah, when it's something I want right now, I say it, but I KNOW that if I try to discuss long-term matters with my boyfriend, it'll scare him away and he'll freak out. In that case, I'm hinted. As simple as that.

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