Doesn't want to admit his feelings for me because I am moving in a few months?

I told my boyfriend of 3 mo (we see each other everyday& sleepover at least 5 nights) last night "I heart you". Somewhat alcohol induced, however, I meant it as alternative for "I like you" because I say that really often. But in reality I love him too. He's the greatest guy: kind, sweet, generous with anything he has, polite and smart.

After, I said it he said "what?", then I immediately brushed it off. Right then he excused himself to the bathroom (we were in a bar/club). So, the rest of the night I was confused and a little upset, he didn't say anything back & went to the bathroom.

Then, this morning when we woke up he told me that we needed to talk about what I said. He started with "I didn't expect our relationship to go this far." Then continued on to talk about how he gaurds his feelings and is very frustrated I'm moving in 3 months. (graduating college before him& am moving to Europe). Made more statements about gaurding his feelings because girls have hurt him (OKAY, I have been severely hurt before too!) and he's never actually broken up with girls. He goes on to say relationships suck.

All while I am crying, because it sounds like he's on the verge of breaking up with me.

Then, ended the conversation with him not wanting to have a relationship go so deep and have to get rid of those feelings when I leave. But it's really irriating because I am pretty certain it is deep& he has those feelings. He talks about still seeing me until I leave...

I am very confused and upset. What makes it worse is that we went to lunch, slept together and cuddled more before he went home, he hasn't talked to me since he left my place. Which, isn't that normal.

I've been crying all day because I do "heart" him and this isn't how I wanted this to go. I feel rejected, very upset and embarrassed. I don't understand why he's gaurding himself so much with me, I have never done anythng wrong to him (or any guy), I always try to take care of him and we always have a great time together.

Has anyone ever been in this situation?


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  • It's really hard to be in a long distance relationship that's why he's pulling back now.

    • We never ever wanted to be in one. The plan has always been to break up when I graduate.

    • yeah that was clear anon. there was no mention of ldr.

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