"I'm always here if you wanna talk" meaning...?

I know I know...it's probably self explanatory...

I've been chatting with this nice guy for six months...well we texted for 4, then his crazy ex came back into the picture. They didn't get back together - she just gave him sh*t...not real sure. I don't like her. Anyway, I quit texting him for about a month & then shot him a FB message figuring he wouldn't reply. He did & we've been chatting ever since.

Two months into that, my roommate goes apesh*t because she thought I used her loofa. I didn't & after accusing me of lying, she stalks down the hall, slams her bedroom door & yells "You have no friends!" I told my bud about it & he goes "wow what a brat." It was late & I thanked him & told him I was heading to bed. "Sleep tight" he goes.

I found a picture on "Relationship Rules" today - a FBgroup.

"Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel we are supported & cared about."

I sent it to him...going back what my roommate said - thanking him again. He replies: "I'm always here if you wanna talk!" Is this a sign of a "good friend"? A "keeper"? Or is that more of a "general" statement?


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  • Its a statement that says he will be there when you need him again. It could mean a good friend or a keeper.

    But it solely depends on how he said it.

    Was it in a lone toned voice?...Definetly means he wants you.

    Was it in his normal self voice? It could mean both, but at the very least a friendship.


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