How Do I Forget My Ex?

I Need to learn how to forget my ex. We were together for 2 years its just so hard to move on, I mean I had others bfs after him but I just could never forget him and now that he has a girlfriend I'm just so mad I don't know what to do ! I need help . Please give me some advice!


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  • You will soon get over it. The heart just need time. Just take this time to spent with friends and working on yourself. Not to be cruel. Your relationship was over before the break up. You didn't say how long you were broken up, but if it was not long. He lost feeling towards you long ago, but just didn't tell you


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  • The quickest way is to find a new guy.

    The sure way is just let time heal it.


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  • Only time heals the pain. You just need to focus on bettering yourself. Focus on yourself and your life. Keep yourself really busy. Remind yourself the reason why things didn't work out between the two of you, Keep your head up and move on!


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