I disappointed my boyfriend but he doesn't want to break up?

He felt betrayed recently (didn't cheat on him or anything in those lines)

But he still wants to be with me...?Don't want to break up

i don't know, what is bothering me is how cold he acts after it, I'm scared he pretends to just be with me, but in the other side he sees someone else...My self-esteem would fall hard

*sorry for my English*

what happened is he felt betrayed and lied, even though it was not a lie, it's difficult to talk to him about it

@Crystalminds It's true, we're really serious on future, he tells the same thing that he loves me, we're planning everything for future...But still he felt betrayed
I said I wouldn't do sthg that in his eyes are offensive, but actually I did (and it's not a little thing, it's sthg you can see on News) and he saw and said he felt betrayed
But I can't it's on news :sss That would be too obvious, just take those facts(he is disappointed by sthg I did, and acts cold, but still say he loves me and see future with me, is it real love or controlling?


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  • Ehm, because he loves you and feels you have a future together probably? Be glad!

    • Talk to him about it. Tell him you're sorry about what you did (if you are sorry) and that you think it's great he wants to give you a second chance, but that you don't feel it anymore that he loves you and you don't wanna lose him.

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  • That's because he still want to be with you no matter what.

    You're the world to him.

  • Can't say. I don't know what you did. If you can tell us what you did, I can guess a lot better as to why. Plus you might as well tell us, considering how you're anonymous. Tell us and we will be able to answer you.

    • Also he's not breaking up with you, so why is this a problem?

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    • You're still not telling us. Why won;t you just tell us what it is. Stop dancing around it, and jsut tell us what you did. What did you do that offends him? Tell us specifically what you did.

    • Forget it. I'm not helping. You won't tell me, so I'm not helping. Good luck.

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