Could he be really into me?

I've met this guy whose divorced and whose only had two serious relationships one before his marriage and his wife. When we meet we clicked as if we've known each other for your, he is a wonderful, sensitive person and was raised to treat women like gold. I know he is crazy about me, we both go gaga over each other when we see one another, however I'm feeling insecure, his ex girlfriend before his wife had big breast and his ex wife did as well and I know he's a boob man. I'm rather small but the other day I wore a low cut dress which revealed my breast and he liked smiled and said wow! And lent over and gave me a gentle kiss between them. Do you think he has accepted mine for being the way they are even though he likes big breast?
Sorry meant years* not yours! ...


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  • You must be on good terms if he kissed you there...

    You're in good with "boobman"

    With the other interaction, I'd say:

    Go for it!



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