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So, met this girl last year, got her number, met her, then she told me that she wasn't looking for anything and found out she was going to a different city to study. She left, we got back in touch now and then, as time passed she wanted to see me when she was back meet up on nights out etc. she told me we were just friends which seemed like bull. I gave up. Eventually I got back in touch and for the first time she can back for a couple weeks we spent new year together and made out. We arranged a date etc but we fell out over something silly and it fizzled out. She went home. Then we started speaking again and we arranged a date for her next break from study. Suddenly a few days later her and some guy start hooking up. So I told her it wasn't cool and we stopped speaking. It was her birthday and so we forgot about it and agreed I would come out for it when she was back. Instead I went on a trip and couldn't make it, I wished her a late birthday message and cos I was away on a luxury holiday she's like 'oh when are you taking me etc' and this was always how out chat was, flirty, funny and great. When I got back 2 days later I found out she suddenly got in a relationship with this dude. It really got me down. Within the first 5 weeks they broke up like twice and just last week she ditched him. So I got in touch and asked her what's up how she was and as usual she never ever turns me down, she told me she's back home in a couple weeks and I said I'll give her a message in a few weeks and see when she's out and she said yeah to a night out and said good plan :).

Out of interest I checked her social network site and she had got bac with the dude! Wtf? I don't get this chick. She's never turned me down, but at the same time kinda just does whatever suits her. I mean we can't be friends because we barely ever speak and we had a date arranged and had already made out. She's back for about 4 months and this dude well he goes home to his city which Is a good 6 hours away. Should I get in touch with her and be cool about it and be fun and see what can happen? She defo ha always liked me and without sounding like a chump she's definitely not out of my league if anything people have told me I'm out of hers and I am most definitely way way better than her dude in everyday, looking, built etc, that doesn't mean much to me tho I'm a humble guy I just like her for who she is. So what's going on? Is it the distance thing that's stopped us from ever hooking up because this will be the first time she's home fr over 2 weeks since we met. I have all summer to work on this. But does she like me? Ladies, would you have agreed to any suggestion I make or keep pursuing my interest that I have for no reason? I'm kinda confused.


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  • i would forget her. If she genuinely liked you as in "relationship kind of like" she wouldn't behave like she is since you ARE showing intrest and she knows that you like her.

  • Dude let her go. She's just going to keep dragging you around. You got better things to do with your time. She's just toying with you


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