Guys, do I have a chance with him or should I not try? What should I do?

There's this guy that I have 2 classes with that I like. We're friends and we talk in class sometimes but not outside of class. He smiles a lot when we talk, but he's just a friendly person so that's normal. We also make strong eye contact when we talk. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back yet because he treats me like normal. Does it sound like this is hopeless, or do I still have a chance to make him like me? What should I do I'm not good at flirting and I'm a bit shy around him because I get nervous. One of the classes we have together is pe and we're on the same sport team this quarter so should I ask him to help me with that since I'm really bad? And should I pretend to fix my shoe while I'm standing next to him and hold onto his arm to balance myself? What should I do?!


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  • You broke the ice... the next step is to get him to hang with you outside of class. Tell him you're going for ice cream after school and if he wants to come! Or ask him if he wants to practice with you at the park over the weekend for a big game coming up... or study together. If he's interested he won't say no!


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  • Jesus I hate how women have ridiculous stereotyped gender predispositions. If you like him, just tell him you like him. Don't do all that stupid crap like holding onto his arm while you awkwardly tie your shoe. I have no idea why women are so afraid to ask a guy they like; they go through a bunch of nonsense and mind games that ultimately does nothing except waste everyone's time. Do yourself a favor and get some confidence. If anything, that will make you more attractive.

    • WOMEN have stereotyped gender predispositions? So do you! You're assuming that because I'm a girl and because I asked for help with a guy that I've never told a guy I've liked him before. I've told 3 past crushes that I like them. I want to get to know this guy better though. What's wrong with asking help with that?

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    • Not necessarily. I wouldn't say yes to someone I don't know that well but I might if I got to know them better and see how awesome they are.

    • This was all under the premise that you wanted to be with him since you liked him. Now you're saying that you want to get to know him first. Well, then the situation has changed completely, and you should have specified that in the question. If that's you're goal, invite him to hangout with you and your friends. Group settings are always good for relieving tensions and facilitating communication.

  • There's still a chance. When a guy talks to you a lot, it means that there's something in you he likes.


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