How can I tell if this guy just wants sex or if he's genuinely interested?

This a guy I met at a party who's going to the same school as me next year, and we started talking on Facebook. We would talk for 3~7 hours a night and we have really entertaining conversations. I can't tell what his intentions are, and I'd really like to date him or just be good friends, since we have great chemistry.

Signs he just wants some action:

-he flirts and makes things sexual in our conversation a LOT, doesn't seem to ask a lot of questions to get to know me

-he says he wants to "hang out", and doesn't seem to want to impress me with a proper date

-he is very good-looking and knows it, and just super confident

-hes had experience hooking up with no strings attached

-he hasn't asked for my number, we just talk on fb

Signs that he's genuine:

-he spends a lot of time chatting with me. a lot

-after I told him multiple times that I can't hook up with people without getting emotionally attached, and I said that even tho I think he's a good guy and attractive, I still can't hook up with him, and he still talks to me

-he says we can hang out first and take things slow after I stated my concerns, he says that he's not the type who would just hookup with someone and leave them hanging

-when I explained I didn't want to get physical because I might end up having feelings for him, he said that it wouldn't necessarily be bad thing and that I need to stop worrying about being left hanging

-he has been in relationships before

-we've talked about ex's, and I told him about how my ex just wanted me for sex and didn't treat me well and he said I don't hav eto worry about that with him. also he seemed pretty serious about his ex's

So yeah, what do you guys think? I would really appreciate some insight


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  • -he is very good-looking and knows it, and just super confident

    -hes had experience hooking up with no strings attached

    Once you taste the sweet nectar of the dark side, it's really unlikely you ever want to come back. These are "broken men". These men are never going to commit to a single girl because they know that "there're no special girls out there". Call us womanizer, mysoginist, players, whatever. We don't actually care.


    Just because he's into hook-ups only doesn't mean you're not going to enjoy the time with him. You... won't... regret... ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • You answered your own question.


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