Nearly six years gone! Why did he leave me? Does he still love me?

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3/4/13 my boyfriend, Kyle, suddenly broke up with me. 3 years long-distance & 3 years living together with my parents (he moved from NH to OH to be with me). We had been together since 4/7/07.

Summer of 2012, Called me while in NH to ask me how he could be a better boyfriend. I said get a job (he did) & build a relationship with my family (he didn't)

Aug 2012, we talked about moving out. He was so excited. I was scared because I didn’t think we would be able to afford it.

Nov 2012, Kyle said he still wanted to marry me (had wanted to since the first 6 months of our relationship)

Dec 2012, he started feeling weird about us, but never told me. We were fighting a lot around this point (nothing major, but I did say under my breath a few times “I deserve so much better than you”. I didn’t mean it & I don’t know if he even heard me say it). Also, my parents had been b*tching about him a lot & told me that I deserve better. I don’t know if he heard anything they said, but I always defended him. Also, my mom said she heard Kyle say on the phone one day, “I think I’ll stay. Otherwise, I’d feel guilty.”

2/24/13 my grandpa suddenly passed away. Kyle didn’t attend the viewing or the funeral due to work/school & never tried to comfort me.

3/1-3/13, Kyle started to get distant. He would let me kiss/hug him a little, then get annoyed & push me away.

3/4/13, Kyle broke up with me. He told my parents 1st. They were shocked. I thought he was going to propose that night. His reasons were that he’s messed up in the head (which he later said was because he couldn’t express how he was feeling to me), he’s been a bad boyfriend, we’ve been fighting a lot, we’ve both changed, & I’ve been really irresponsible (which I admit that I had been). He immediately initiated that he wanted to stay friends with me. He said he didn’t want me to change. I asked him if he still loved me. He said as a friend, but not as a lover. I asked him if it was because of my religion (I'm Christian, he's Atheist) & he said no. He stayed that night to answer any ?s me or my parents had. He said that he had an apartment for 1.5 weeks. He said there wasn't anyone else. He had tears in his eyes when he broke up with me. I asked him if he had cried about this b4 & he said yes. He kissed me & cuddled with me one last time that night. He broke up with me at the best time possible. He waited until spring break so I wouldn’t have to deal with college at the same time, when it seemed like I had calmed down about my grandpa’s death, asap b4 our next anniversary got too close (1 month,3 days), b4 finals (4/29-5/3), before my 21st b-day (5/31), b4 my friend's wedding (6/1), & b4 the summer (he always went back to NH to visit family)

3/5/13 He moved out. Called me l8r to check on me

3/13/13 I talked to him. Said he doubts we will ever get back together. Said he wants me to move on but not right away. He admitted he misses me...

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(Sorry for the length. 6 years is a long time with a lot of history!
**As a side note, Kyle comes from a past of physical abuse from his mother. His biological father left him at a very young age & there has never been a father-figure in his life. Almost everyone in his family is divorced except for one couple, & their marriage isn't exactly what you would call stable. His grandmother gained custody of him when he was about 16. He told me once that if he hadn't met me, he probably would have committed suicide. He's been homeless multiple times before as well.


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  • He said he doesn't want to get back together. I would believe him. I agree with your parents, you can do better than a guy who can't seem to get his act together.

    • Did you read all of it. I provided a link to the rest. There's a lot more than has happened since the last thing I listed on here. There just wasn't enough space to list all of it.

  • nope I am not doing this... TDLR... from reading the last sentence he doesn't want to get back, he's gone, but he misses the memories you had that's it.


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