Ex boyfriends are so cold!!

My ex and I used to best friends. He had a huge crush on me and asked me out. I didn't say yes right away, but eventually said yes. We dated, and he just suddenly ended it 9 months into the relationship He said he had never been in a serious relationship, and he got scared. I know he didn't breakup because of another girl, because we have a lot of mutual friends and go to school in the same small program...and I know he is still single.

We have been broken up for 6 months now. At first he was sad and missed me. But nowdays, he said he is completely over me. He treats me like everyone else. I have absolutely no special place in his heart, depsite being best friends and exes. He doesn't ever think of me, or miss me, or try to impress me when we see each other at school every day. Nothing I do really affects him.

How do boys completely and totally forget about everything that happenned between two of us? It hurts so much. Its like what we had meant nothing to him. He is totally and completely content without me. I feel like crap! I am a sweet, beautiful, caring girl...and its like I left no impression on his heart :(

Have you guys ever loved someone, and then just totally and completely fallen out of love for no reason? His reaction seem so cold and hurtful to me :(


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  • What you are saying do not add up. First he crushes on you and asked you out.You said no then yes,then you guys get together,the he backs out,now you hurt and he is like normal.

    It has been 6 months. but If I really like a girl enough to crush on her she would forever hold a place in my heart.That being said something about his attitude is not logical. You should talk to him about it in a cool way.

    You also have to ask you self how you feel about him.If you have no feelings for him then you need to move on.

    • Thank you thank you thank you! That is exactly what is driving me crazy! And I have to see him everyday at school, and we work together...so it drives me crazy everyday and makes me so angry! He said he used to think about me ALLL the time before he asked me out. Now he said he is totally over me, has no feelings left, and just wants to be friends. No matter how bad my ex turns out, because we spent almost a year together, I would always have a special thing for him.

    • He on the other hand, is totally and completely normal! I feel like crap...because I don't know how anyone can move on this completely! Especially when they see you everyday and they are not dating anyone else, and there was no reason for us to break up! I feel sick to my stomach when I have to see him everyday, and I realize I made no impact on him at all! :(:(:( so painful.

    • No, don't talk to him. It's over. Move on, what the hell is going to come out of re-hashing this whole thing? He's just gonna keep telling you some random crap, true or not, and it'll keep this circular motion you're in. Stop it now and move on for your own sake. He's a thing of the past.

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  • All I'm gonna say is he's probably either faking it or has moved on.

  • That's because they want to move on, no matter what.

    • That is exactly what I think it is. Like he literally forced himself to move on no matter what! It is unreal how anyone can lose 100% of their feelings for someone they were in love with :(

  • as are ex girlfriends


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  • I have to ask you why this matters. You two are broken up. You should be focusing on moving on, not wondering what he's feeling. I know it hurts, but explore why it's important to you. Does that make the relationship any less real for you? Why do you want to see him in pain?

    • Thank you very mch for your insight. I guess it matters to me for two reasons. Firstly, I was genuinely happy dating him..it is much better than being single And secondly, I can't believe HE rejected ME...when clearly he was the one with the huge crush to begin with...I didn't really like him. So I guess my ego is bruised. Those are the two reasons I want to see him hurt.

    • Those are both extremely valid reasons and most people would be lying if they said they didn't feel the same thing... but you need to not focus on them. Your second reason is just revenge, and you will be a better person to just get over it. As for your first reason, that is understandable, but think about this... the relationship was phenomenal for you. That's all that matters. How he felt, how he feels, etc. doesn't make anything less real. You were happy, and you will be again.

    • That's all that matters. Right now, only you matter.

  • it happened to me,them heartless guys are out there

  • It says you're age "25-29", he's a douche I can totally give you that, but seriously I thought this was a 15 year old girl, it's time to grow up. Stop looking for answers to something that no longer has any affect on your life and go out and look for things that actually matter to you and will last.

    • Thanks! I'm not 15 ..lol. I'm 26 :( But I needed to hear that. I've only been in two serious relationships, and they have both ended with them saying "I want to break up for no reason"...it starts to make me doubt myself. Thanks for your honestly though :)

    • Girl, I'm with you. I'm a very emotional person too and it's easy to get attached but sometimes you need to step back from a situation and think to yourself "how much is this going to matter to me in 6 months? In a year?" If the answer is not that much, it's time to let it go and move on.

    • @You look amazing and awesome smile..Can I clone you?yes?

  • Just because you are a great girl, doesn't mean you're the right girl for him. He has realized this, and you have not (which is why he has been able to move on). This really isn't about him anymore, it's about you. He isn't making you feel any which way, he doesn't have control over your feelings, only you do. Sounds to me like you're having some confidence issues or self doubt. You were great before you were with him and you'll be great after him too. I think it's time for you to quit focusing so much on him, and focues instead on getting back to being OK with you. The right guy won't leave you like this, you just haven't found him yet.


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