Should I be worried? Seeing an ex again in the context of work...

I dated a guy last summer and I really liked him. He broke it off before we went anywhere physically, saying he wasn't looking for anything serious. I was pretty bummed but I was more shocked than sad. Apparently he had just gotten out of a serious relationship...

Fast forward 7 months later. I have a boyfriend, he has a girlfriend. Something came up at work and I needed his particular advice, so I asked if he could get coffee w me. We chatted and it was all very cordial. I had a few follow up questions, so we met over a drink a later in the week. It threw me off when he paused and asked me if we were paying separately or together.

It was mostly social, he mentioned situations that involved other girls romantically. It caught me a little off guard, but I wasn't interested enough to inquire further. He eventually mentioned his girlfriend, and I didn't ask about her, since it was a passing reference. I didn't say too much about what I had been up to, but I mentioned my boyfriend when his company came up. Suddenly this guy was in interrogation mode! I was a little taken aback, but my boyfriend is perfect and I don't mind sharing :]

In the interest of full disclosure, I would date this guy if I had the opportunity, but there's no way I'd dump my current boyfriend for him. This "meeting" sent up some red I being paranoid or is there something to be worried about here? At the close of our nondate, he said to call him if I ever wanted to just hang out. Is that safe? From my standpoint, this is 100% not going anywhere, but what's going on with him?


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  • You're being paranoid. You're just friends now, and he's just asking curious questions.


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  • dont hang out anymore,he seems to be in competition mode now and it could lead him to try something sexual with u,you don't need his help anymore,avoid him


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