My ex is trying to get back with me by taking jabs at the guy I'm talking to how do I stop him?

So My ex(chase) has been texting me b.c he broke up with his ex and he told me we got along I'm goofy I didn't think he was weird we never faught I was so sweet. He asked about the guy I'm talking to(brandon) and the guy I'm talking to is also my ex but we are working things out the best we can just not with a title so soon. The guy I'm talking to now wants to be single for now b.c he says he wants a job and his own place before he can commit again.

My ex the guy taking jabs at the guy I'm talking to says he only wants to be single to keep his options open it made me think and now I'm in a funk b.c of what he said about brandon( the current guy). Brandon has stuck with me through some really messed up things. I really didn't take Brandon so serious at first b.c he knew I caught chase with his ex the day before but he still wanted me to go to the movies and I did and he asked me to be his girlfriend that night. We are now taking our time. What can I do about my ex Chase saying these things to me about Brandon making for think twice is he trying to manipulate me?
but sometimes people don't always want a relationship
honestly I don't kno what I want they both hurt me but brandons the one who is stll around even after I hurt him I don't think I was ever ready for a relationship or ever will be ...


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  • War of the exes. Please just pick one and completely cut off contact with the other.

    Or dump them both, because neither seem all that interested in you if they're coming up with excuses to be single. Seriously, you can do better than these two buffoons.

    • That's absolutely right, people don't always want a relationship. What do YOU want? Are either Brandon or Chase going to offer you what you want?

      You need to start ignoring Chase if you want to stop hearing jabs about Brandon. Chase will never stop talking sh*t about Brandon, ever. MAYBE if you dump Brandon and go back to Chase, he will STFU. But even then it's not likely. You have to put Chase on your block list, asap. He's probably jealous and won't stop until the grave, or he finds a gf.

    • Follow your gut, go for what it is you want. If you don't know exactly what you want, at the very least stay away from the things you know you don't like. Build your social life around a somewhat selfish philosophy, and let those who fit your lifestyle gravitate towards you. Do everything without forcing it.

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