He has a girlfriend... but he's been uping the heat?

I met this guy last summer and he was absolutely crazy about his girlfriend, he'd kind of flirt with me but he'd bring up his girlfriend kind of frequently. I heard around that time that his girlfriend cheated on him but I guess he was slow to believe it... apparently they broke up recently but out of pity (at least that's how it sounds) he got back together with her, but when my other friend asked he didn't really define her as his girlfriend.

Recently he's kind of been uping the heat, as far as flirting. He'll put his hand on my waist and make (even more) suggestive comments (which we pretty much just laugh off). He looks into my eyes more often and referred to me as his favorite coworker. We're not super close, as I only see him at work, but he asked when he'd be working with me again. I find him charming and cute, but I'm really holding back because I'm not really sure about his relationship status. I'm thinking he might ditch her before his term at uni starts but I'm not too sure.

Do you guys think he'd eventually choose me?
He broke up with her sometime in the past few weeks and asked for my number today. ( but said he needed it for work reasons)


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  • Yes, he will be with you if he breaks up with his girlfriend.


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  • I would just be careful that you don't become the second girl since he has a girlfriend already.

    • definitely, I wouldn't allow that. ha ha no side-chick business

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