Would you accept to be on an uncertain relationship?

Me and my current (ex)girlfriend broke up today based on a lot of problems, but the main one was the fact that we would brake up in a year. That is for sure.

Would you accept being on a relationship that will have no future?


The reason for that happening is the fact that we both want to keep studying by going to college. The one I'm trying to go is about 300Km away from hers. Plus, the day I leave this place, I will only be able to come back like 2-3 times each year (for 5 years, at least).


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  • Not at all. I actually left a relationship for this reason. I was with a guy for 2 years, and he was leaving to go to find work in another province. I finally got him to open up and talk to me about the future. He didn't see anything long-term for us. But he still wanted to keep the relationship going. I refused and told him I wanted someone who didn't see an expiry date on our relationship. So we broke up.

    I don't regret the decision, because I want a long (possibly even life long) relationship. Not one that has a best before date!


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  • Nope. I like to think that the relationship could go somewhere and could have a potentially long and happy future.

    • *clicked on the wrong arrow there xD


      I tried to explain that to her, but she wanted to still keep the relationship as it was. But I've been insecure as heel because of that and couldn't stand it anymore :/

      It hurts like hell because I really love her (First true love. 17YO and gave her 9months, exact)

      It really sucks :'(

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  • I wouldn't accept that.

    You should go with other girls now.


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