Will my ex-boyfriend come to my 18th?

We were friends and got closer and closer and eventually started going out with each other. After a while we started fighting about how little time he had and how he he had no time for me, I broke up with him stupidly and asked him to go out with me again and 5 days later we got back and then everything went back to normal. Exams were coming up and he became stressed I think and he just ended it. He always told me that I was to good for him and that he really likes me and all that. I think I love him which doesn't make it easier. My birthday is on Friday, I Haven't spoke to him in a month, I just want to know if anyone thinks he will go and if he does what will I say ?

'thanks hannah but I want him :( I invited him before we broke up, I don't think he will go. But it will kill me if he doesn't... it would just be like he never cared


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  • It won't hurt to invite him. I was going to invite my ex to mine but he was psycho and I didn't want my feelings for him to come back when seeing him again like it had done before. It's upto you really. If you think it won't be awkward and you won't get feelings for him when seeing him, then you should. Otherwise it's probably not a good idea. Some of your friends probably won't approve either. I think inviting ex's to birthday's is only good if you're like best friends with your ex and it ended on a high note.


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  • If you invited him and he didn't come, it wouldn't necessarily mean he never cared about you. It could possibly mean he cares too much about you and seeing you would hurt him too much.

    If you invited him before you broke up, then he'll probably assume you don't want him there now you've broken up so you should invite him again if you want him there. You're like how I was, you want them there but mainly because you still have feelings for them. In my opinion, I think it should be a friends only night and you should try and forget about your ex now. You don't want to risk any awkward moments on your birthday!

    And no problem. :)

    (Happy birthday in advance! I just recently turned 18 too)


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